Why frændi?

Fraendi is old scandinavian for kinship, companionship, partnership or simply friendship. We walk alongside, as friends. We stay in times of trouble. We give honest feedback and challenge ourselves as well as our clients to show up as the humans we are. Amidst the life around us, which we are part of. We are also friends with all the lifeforms around us. In these times of crisis it matters that we take all this into account. 


How we engage

Develop together.

We want to explore new ways of being and challenge ourselves as individuals and as a community. 

We don’t know.

We hold only a few of some gazillion perspectives on the whole. Please bring yours so that we get a bigger picture.

We’re here to serve.

We are a part of life. We’re here to serve all beings and at least the seven generations that come after us.

It’s not about us.

Make it personal, but don’t take it personal. We’re not the middle of the universe.

Show up in complexity.

Bring your fears, food and family. Let’s sit down and eat together. Then let’s do some groundbreaking work.

It’s the space in between.

It’s not only both and more. Our perspective can shift from the things to how they are related. It makes a difference.


Life is messy.

And squishy. And soupy. And chaotic. That’s nothing to worry about. We should actually be worried, if it’s not.

We eat our own soup.

When we say development, we mean ours as well as yours. No need to feel superior in whatever way.

This is us

The world as we knew it has begun to change. Time to rethink, reprioritize, reshape. We need strategies that help us adapt quickly.  We need fluidity in our thinking and perceiving. And we need honest company.

So, here’s your companions on the way. We’ve worked and changed throughout our lifetimes to be able to provide what is needed right now. Something becoming alive. Something to relate to.

Apart from all the serious talk be assured that we are holding experience, knowledge and degrees and are able to juggle numbers as well as methods.  

Rainer von Leoprechting

Hiking Guide

Rainer has whole worlds in his head. He’s our teacher and trainer in the developmental assessments sphere and brings in loads of different practices that throughout the years he learned or developed himself. Many of these found their way into the European Commision, where he worked with the Art of Participatory Leadership. Also, he is the holder of the intentional community space in Obenaus and brings in the perspective of the compost again and again. 

Jackie Thoms

Jackie Thoms

Ocean Guide

Jackie is actually the reason why you can read all this. Without her, we wouldn’t be the crazy, sweet, chaotic, real, down to earth circle of friends we are now. Also she is our fierce master challenger. With a very clear perception for truthfulness she finds new fields of action and new people to journey together. Her clarity, curiousness and the ability to speak the harder truths are signposts in every crisis. Apart from that, she counts double, as she brings in Scottish humour. 

Jeroen Vermeer


Lucky those who have a Jeroen on board. Thoughtful and calm, generous and patient he is processing and digesting while at the same time being totally curious about unknown realms. While you’re still hesitant he’s been working on the new thing already, paving the way for everyone to walk on. He’s listening with an open heart for deeper wisdom, within himself and the systems we’re part of.  Also, you can have a a good laugh and a beer with him.

Outdoor Survival

kaa is the dot of paint that’s been thrown onto the canvas and suddenly the whole picture changes. She is all energy and clarity and with this she’s opening up closed boxes and possibilities that were not reachable before. Her courage and no need to be polite bring texture and colour and while she’s asking the important questions systems are rearranging softly. Also she’s our master visualizer, making the invisible visible. If you can’t find her, she’s in the forest.

Katrin Wulf


Katrin is a northern light. In special occasions when the magnetic fields of the sun meet our atmosphere she suddenly lights up and brings the strangest and wildest beauty into the space. And everybody learns from it. Apart from that she is truly sober-minded and with this calmness questions existing paradigms and patterns in a very enlighting way. She’s our expert for team dynamics and tango nuevo. Be prepared for surprises with this one. 

Claire Davidson

Cave Guide


Bring it on!

Share your questions with us and become a frænd. We’re all in this together. Let’s see how we can serve the soil together.

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