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People are so much more than their task oriented competencies. Let’s uncover their hidden dimensions!


Any organisation striving to serve life and be lastingly relevant


Let your people share success stories, which we then analyse for insights into patterns and hidden developmental potential


Story Circle workshops online or onsite, which are then analysed by Fraendi

uncovering the hidden dimensions

Organisations and the individual people within them identify themselves with stories. They are much more than their core competencies. Together, they tell the story of a culture, a kind of fingerprint of the organisation, by which it can be uniquely identified.

Success stories – when professionally prompted and analysed – are a unique marker of social-emotional development, and can thereby be used in many contexts to initiate the development into yet unchartered waters.

We create the world that we perceive, not because there is no reality outside our heads, but because we select and edit the reality we see to conform to our beliefs about what sort of world we live in.

– Gregory Bateson

Story Circles

Staff members are invited to attend a circle of up to 15 people. Everyone shares a recent moment of success in their career or work at this organization. All others listen to the stories as they are being told and take notes. Once all stories are told, the storytellers receive feedback from the notes of the listeners. The stories are recorded for further editing.

Just these circles alone already have a powerful effect on their participants. Listening to success stories of colleagues and receiving feedback on your own story strengthens the existing network of relationships, whilst new connections emerge.

Story analysis

A team of experts then edits the stories and rates them according to adult developmental theories developed by Robert Kegan and Otto Laske.

Having analysed the stories, patterns emerge: elements of stories, and similarities between typical stories become clear. Cultural types become visible. Typical stories and the main cultural ?tribes? in the organisation are identified.

A full organisational culture analysis can be reported back to leadership, with the option to develop further applications with its results (see below).

The beauty of stories

We humans are so much more than a list of competencies and experiences. We are a complex web of relationships, constantly unfolding, transforming and building new relationships, which build new relationships. So are our organisations.

Stories are our way of expressing this complexity in words. Although it seems to be surface and they may only highlight specific facts, they nevertheless contain the full complexity of what it means to be human. They carry with them many layers of information that get lost when we try to pin things down to lists, maps or formal descriptions.

Applications in the workplace

The stories we tell about our successes give – once analysed – a unique, contextual insight into the cultural patterns of an organisation and its developmental potential. This has various applications in today?s workplaces:

Organisational Culture Assessment
  • Evaluate the potential success of a desired organizational change, or the required development that needs to precede it.
  • Analyse the cognitive and social/emotional fitness of the (various parts of) the organisation for uncertainty and turbulent times.
Recruitment through the StoryMatcher Platform

An internet based selection platform for matching talent with vacant positions within your organisation. Based on the initial Organisational Culture Analysis and its analysed success stories, a database is created of relevant success stories for your organisation and a subset of clearly less relevant ones. When selecting new candidates, they can be filtered very easily – through a 5 minute internet survey – as ‘likely matching’ or ‘unlikely to match’ candidates.


Training, coaching, organisational development

  • Story-based questionnaires as training intake
  • Group sessions around career success for members of a profession or in a same role
  • Story telling and listening as elements of leadership development and executive coaching
Internal Communication

  • Formulate messages in stories of staff successes
  • Feature successful staff with their stories



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