Fraendi: walking alongside your business towards new horizons

Choose a consultancy that brings its unique approaches from within living systems. Built from pragmatic leadership and rigorous ways of working, Fraendi will become trusted kin for your business and organisation. Let yourself be open to the agility and resilience that nature has to share for generations to come.

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Who We Are

Frændi is a group of consulting professionals, thinkers, educators, doers, and optimists who are committed to the practice of unlocking potential—in people, teams, systems, and organizations.

Our goal is to instill confidence in individuals, leaders, governments, and organizations and together help create a roadmap to a prosperous, planet-sustaining future.

In a world that faces unprecedented challenges from social justice to environmental degradation, Frændi is working with leaders who are moving their organizations forward with clarity, confidence, empathy, agility, and resilience.

Our Clients

We are proud to be working with individuals and organizations across a broad spectrum of industries, ranging from small start-ups to government agencies, to large NGOs.

Our Approaches

We are working with a number of developmental lenses and scientific methodologies that support leaders, teams, and organisations as they navigate through these disruptive times.

In working with people, we observe thinking patterns and capacities to relate to others. This supports their ability to perceive their own developmental edges, learn how to influence situations, and ultimately become part of the solutions we need.

Through a combination of cognitive and worldview profiles, consulting, coaching and leadership development, Fraendi unlocks the potential to drive paradigm-shifting change.

Adult Development Approaches

We are holding a life span developmental approach and look at adult/inner development through various (and also critical) lenses. We are using models and methodologies of and are influenced by Robert Kegan, Otto Laske, Roy Bhaskar, Michael Basseches, Iva Vurdelja, Susan Cook-Greuter Nick Shannon, Bodo Frischherz, Lev Vygotsky and others.

We compare where systems are now with the demands the contexts have on the system and support development and the growth of developmental potential. We systematically use dialectical thinking tools to sharpen our understanding of our shared reality. The world can be better understood if perceived as in process, in contexts, in relation and transformation.

A Living Systems Approach

We look at people but also teams, departments, organisations and ecosystems as living systems. We respect life unfolding itself, and intervene to remove barriers, so that systems can attain a new dynamic balance. Our systemic practice is influenced by also critical lenses onto the work of Niklas Luhmann, Bert Hellinger, Matthias Varga von Kibed and others. We are working with methodologies and theories from Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Norman Wolfe, Barry Oshry and many more. We understand that life is complex and are in this guided by the work of Nora Bateson, Gregory Bateson, Otto Laske, Dave Snowden and others.

A Process Consultation Approach

We know that consulting is a process and hold the stance that the value of good consulting lies in the quality a system produces also after the consultants have left. So we are companions on your way to becoming and staying relevant in the emerging paradigms. We make ourselves part of the equation and integrate regular feedback loops and meta-consulting in our partnership with you to become aware of bias as much as possible. We are not experts, we work with you through your challenges and stay when it gets difficult, while holding a developmental lens.

The essence of Fraendi is Kinship, Companionship, and Partnership.
We walk alongside.

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What you see here is a digest of our approaches and our work with clients. There’s much more what we can do, so feel free to throw any challenges at us. We’re looking forward to a conversation!