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Culture Change for Sustainable Impact
Culture Work

Our Approach

Also in our work with whole systems, we support the widening of perspectives to enlarge the ground for action. This is also reflected in our work with observing cultures in a system.

Cultures are the DNA of an organization – be it society, family, living systems or business. While we are being part of it, we often don’t see many aspects of our prevalent cultures. With our work we help identify those elements and practices that promote the ideals and shifts that support our transformative approaches and the elements we are striving for.

Culture does not show up readily in questionnaires and the subsequent data generated. It lives in the relational spaces between people, in the organisational stories and the informal organisational customs.

We have created a process of collating success stories in an organisation. Listening to and understanding the elements in these stories means that you can observe different cultures active within an organisation. The different underlying assumptions of the cultures present become visible and we begin to understand which information the system needs and what kind of change the parts of the system can best integrate. You get a detailed Culture Map of your organisation and systems.

What does a Fraendi Culture Map engagement look like?

Phase 1


Story Workshops

We hold Story Listening workshops with participants from diverse groups from across the organisation, including customers and stakeholders, to hear success stories of the cultures present in an organisation. The success factors and patterns are listened to and captured.

Phase 2


Story Preparation

The stories are transcribed, and if necessary translated and edited for essence. After that they are scored for areas of development (thought patterns, worldviews etc.)

Phase 3


Pattern Analysis and Report

Fraendi consultants create a pattern map and in-depth analysis of the cultures present and active in the organisation. The cultural meta patterns are then visualized and brought into a report that feeds cultural elements and appropriate recommendations into communications, organisational development and strategy.

Culture Mapping Outcomes

The CultureMap is a comprehensive and fundamental part of culture change.

The CultureMap is a comprehensive and fundamental part of culture change.

It identifies and values established success factors for individuals and teams.

The value of these patterns can be positively used and reinforced in change and merger processes as well as any other transformational work.

Success patterns among the workforce allow you to understand the performance potential available in your organization.

As the success patterns express the potential of your workforce, capturing the preferences for stories among the workforce allows you to understand the performance potential available in your organization. Mapping it over functions and teams, you can highlight pockets of lower motivation and areas of self-sustained high achievement. In that way, you can direct your leadership attention to the areas that most need it.

Living Strategies can be developed focusing on the stories you want to support or reinvigorate in the company.

In the longer term, the areas of potential in the organisation that are not being fully expressed or are peripheral, can be brought more central. Strategies can be created focusing on the stories you want to support or reinvigorate in the company and which ones you want to fade out over time.

CultureMaps create an overview of cultures and a way to develop them with intention to be aligned with the long term visions of the organisation.

CultureMaps help develop the values memes that motivate people to bring their full self. In this way they will support your strategic initiatives and development of the organization over time.

“This is so beautiful. I loved to relate to other people’s success stories and to share mine. It is almost like drinking champagne together!”

Participant in Success Stories

“This work is so deeply nourishing. I am amazed by the amount of mutual understanding and appreciation that is being generated in just 30 minutes together. I have learned so much about our organisation and my colleagues already.”

Participant in Success Stories

“I am just struck by the power of acknowledging each other in the end, with one or two simple sentences that have the power to shift people’s day, or maybe even a lifetime. Wonderful exercise.”

Participant in Success Stories

“I can see how much richness is in it, I can see how much depth and magic is behind the scenes. And it was a beautiful experience in and of itself.”

Participant in Success Stories

“The simplicity and seeing the essence. How it resonates almost on a physical level. Going back to something really human, the way we did it with each other.”

Participant in Success Stories

“Story sharing (in a brave container) is such a powerful and simple way to connect deeply and learn from each other. And someone said how being listened to so attentively is actually received in the brain as an act of love.”

Participant in Success Stories

“We can spread oxytocin around when we really listen and include others.”

Participant in Success Stories