Making connections through the medium of story


Our Approach

"Telling stories is how humans make sense of the world. "

— Yuval Noah Harari

Over the years, Fraendi consultants have heard countless success stories from their clients and colleagues. What they realized was that these stories could become an interface between people (or organisations) who were looking for people or people who were looking for services.

StoryMatcher is an online Web Platform that can be used to solve a variety of selection problems. It starts with the trove of success stories that have been collected, ranked and scored by Fraendi according to criteria based on well-researched methodologies.

People then read through the trove and select stories whose outcomes resonate with them and lead to the next level of engagement.


How it works

Fraendi has collected a trove of success stories from clients and colleagues across diverse disciplines exploring a multitude of areas and situations. The disciplines include training and mentoring and learning opportunities as well as job offerings and even specific environments if clients have special challenges.

What is unique is that people come to the Web Platform and discover stories that they identify with or that are meaningful to them. In the end, the story becomes a highly effective interface between people looking for services and/or services looking for people.


StoryMatcher in action

You feel that you would benefit from some personal coaching, but you don’t know what to look for. On the flip side, a coach needs to find clients whose trainings would be best suited for them.

Readers of StoryMatcher can choose their preferred stories from a wide selection of stories told by coaches who have had success. The reader who resonates with that story can then choose that coach and the expectations for success are remarkably high.


Who it’s for

StoryMatcher is an effective and responsive tool for individuals and companies, across a broad range of fields, that have selection challenges.

Hiring managers or learning programme professionals, in particular, will find value in Story Matcher. They can post openings or vacancies on StoryMatcher and see which applicants are best suited based on how those applicants respond to the story of the post.

If you have a variety of options for a variety of people that are about to make life choices, then StoryMatcher™ is especially helpful.


For Organisations and Leadership Development

StoryMatcher is ideally suited for organisations to manage dynamic large-scale cultural assessments. This platform allows people to visit and relate to their organisation’s stories again and again.  In addition, the stores can be updated and re-evaluated.

“We have a job platform for freelancers and self employed people, called EPUmatch. The StoryMatcher™ is indispensable for this platform. The freelancers find exactly the assignments that fit to their profile as well as clients they love to work with.”

Andrea Kern

CEO EPUmatch, Austria